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Monday, December 10, 2012

Freedom Wall

This is my loungeroom wall :-)

I decided I needed a wall space. 
So this 2 and n half by 2 metre wall in my lounge room was perfect.

A space to wander and roam,
 through my abstract feelings and expression.
My freedom wall, my place to play.

Play with colour, play with scope.
A creative space to find freedom from self.
Turn off my brain, tune into my spirit.

I love colour, love the feelings it evokes.
I especially love the freedom of abstract painting.
It has more a life it's own than any other, particulaly a wall work of art.

My whole body is involved, bend and stretch, reach for the stars'
This is a work in process, a process that involves play and more play.

Play is such an important part of component of creativity...and so I give myself to the wall.

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